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Matej Richter

Therapist, Coach, Lecturer


Every story begins with the personal, and so does mine. My journey to the gifts I have was very intense and led me to a great connection and perception not only of my body, but also of the people around me. I feel what is happening in your body and mind and I can read people's energy. I had to go through burnout and come to terms with the fact that even the pleasant job of a producer, expensive clothes, cars and life among Prague celebrities will not make me happy.

The techniques and experiences that I pass on have been personally experienced on my journeys of self-discovery in different parts of the world. In Bali and Malaysia I lived in temples and went through many trainings. Each therapy, session or retreat helped me to find happiness within and to stop looking for and supplement feelings of satisfaction from outside. Find the pain in every addiction and heal it thoroughly.

The healing that took place in me opened up gifts that I had not been able to see or feel until then. A great realization came that I could listen to the human soul and at the same time read the body as if it were a sheet of blank paper described by a story. Quite naturally, people started coming to me with confidence with questions about their lives. I can help with a current topic, block, trauma or unprocessed emotion. And above all, I can guide you to discover your highest potential for a happy life. Working with me can be very targeted as well as subtle and you can come to your own self-discovery through the telling of the story. ​

Hledáte úlevu, radu, pomoc nebo lektora? Ozvěte se.

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